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Seated on a tiny bench (stool) that suited my little frame, I watched in wide-eyed wonder as my grandma stirred the contents of the enormous pot with her magical wand (cooking spoon). As the contents bubbled and the aroma travelled with the steam, filling the vast kitchen, my mouth watered like a little puppy waiting for a treat. I saw my grandma's face smiling down at me, a tiny plate with a tasting portion in my hands. Her eyes, filled with a warmth that transcended words, seemed to say, "Cook better than me." This is my inspiration.

This desire to share that experience with others led to BARAM's creation. Our pop-up kitchen offers a taste of our family's legacy, a vibrant celebration of Afro cuisine. Food is a simple pleasure, a way to connect cultures and forge delightful memories around the table. So, please pull up a chair at BARAM and allow us to take you on a delicious exploration of Afro-cuisine.

Our Mission

BARAM isn't just a name; it's a family tradition we're proud to share. The name itself is a quiet tribute, formed from the initials of our loved ones. It represents the steadfast bond that brings us together, the shared laughter around the table, the comforting routine of a home-cooked meal, and the treasured memories created over steaming plates.

Here at BARAM, we take inspiration from our family's heritage, offering a taste of authentic Afro cuisine through our pop-up kitchen. We serve dishes bursting with vibrant flavours, using well-loved recipes passed down through the generations. Each dish whispers stories of childhood kitchens, fragrant with spices and lively with the hum of family conversation.

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Our Mission Image

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